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The 2017 Friendliest Cities in the World

Perth, Austalia

While Sydney and Melbourne have forever gotten plenty of attention, Perth has put itself on the map in recent times, becoming Australia’s rising star, thanks to a boom of hip restaurants and lodging, and by adding the world’s longest flight. As one reader said, “I’ve never said wow so many times,” one vistor said. That alone says volumes.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg might make you do a double-take with its Amsterdam-esque canals—but rest assured, it’s fully Swedish, with excellent Swedish coffee (they love the stuff) available for free in many places. Our readers said the city’s “beauty is unmatched and the people are friendly,” and even better, it’s walkability is a joy. Or, if you prefer, “take a Hop on/Hop off tour and a Paddan boat tour,” to get a better sense of the river city. It’s great for kids, too, as there’s “everything from amusement parks to aquariums, but just visiting the city centre is a joy for the small ones.”

Evora, Portugal

Portugal’s been trending for years now—but don’t just stick to Lisbon and Porto. Evora, in central Portugal, has readers raving about the old town, saying its “food is superb” and the wine among the world’s best. After you polish off that Madeira, take a stroll around town, since it’s an “easy walk to the Roman Aqueduct and Temple,” or, if you’re in for something a bit off-kilter, visit the Chapel of Bones, “where not only the walls, but all pillars consist of human bones.”

hiang Rai, Thailand

As one reader put it, Chiang Rai is “an oasis of peace, temples, and lush greenery.” If that doesn’t sell you, well, elephant rides and the “great night market with friendly vendors and wonderful food” should help push you over the top. Chiang Rai belongs on any Thailand itinerary that takes you to Chiang Mai, as the two cities are only about three hours apart by car or bus.