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Jumpsuits That Are Totally Acceptable for Work

Despite its simple design—it is one piece of fabric, after all—a jumpsuit can be incredibly versatile. (Remember when you sported one to your cousin’s wedding and then again as a beach cover-up the very next weekend?) The one place it gets a little tricky? The office. But fear no more thanks to these 15 perfect-for-the-boardroom jumpsuits that you can pull off all summer long

Cinched Waist

The wide legs and belted waist will have your coworkers mistaking this for a midi dress.


This lightweight fabric is better suited for a casual office, but the V-neck keeps it from looking sloppy.

Striped Sleeves

For full coverage, find a style with sleeves. The slimming vertical print is an added bonus.

White Stripes

Summery, yet sophisticated.


Just like you can’t go wrong with an LBD, enter: the little black jumpsuit .

Full-Blown Floral

Plays like a onesie, wears like a dress.