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6 Trendy Pieces That Look Better Wrinkled (So Go Ahead, Sleep in Them)

Now presenting the next level of supreme comfort: Trends so soft, loose or drapey that they are suitable to sleep in. Not that you would…right? But, like, if you did, these garbs happen to look even better wrinkled—because who has time to get out the iron? We see a jersey dress in your future that says you don’t.



When it’s a little bit loose and swingy, there’s nothing more of a no-brainer than a slip dress. Wear it over a close-fitting T-shirt if you feel the need to cover up, or wear as is, accessorized by nothing more than some sunscreen and a pair of statement shoes.



OK, this one is a no-brainer for wearing to bed and then to brunch, because this flowy jacket is basically a bathrobe. Pair its feminine silky self with some jeans and a slouchy tee so that you don’t look like you literally just rolled out of bed. (We won’t tell anyone you did.)



This staple is as comfortable as an oversized T-shirt—and just as forgiving in the way it lets you comfortably stretch, bend or eat massive amounts of pizza. Dressed up with summery wedges, this casual basic transforms into a proper look.



It’s a jacket, it’s a work blouse and, in a pinch, it’s a pajama top. Just make sure it’s roomy and designed for women so you don’t look like you’re on the preppy version of a walk of shame wearing your last night’s date’s shirt.



In gauze or lightweight silk, there’s nothing cooler feeling, or looking, than a roomy dress to disappear into. And the more wrinkled it is, the more bohemian-chic your look will be. Pair itwith some fashionable slip-on flats, simple jewelry and minimal makeup…and let the garden party begin.



When they are wide-legged and silky, PJ bottoms have all the glamour of an off-duty 1930s screen siren and all the comfort of a sorority girl sleeping in on a Sunday . Wear them with a T-shirt and sneakers for a tomboyish appeal or match them with a silk shirt and stilettos for an evening on the town.